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Chris Thompson


Chris Thompson is a Desert Storm era Navy disabled veteran, who served for 4 years in multiple capacities around the world and has continued serving the military as a civilian for over 20 years.  His greatest joy is his family, and his youngest son is currently serving in the Navy as well.  He also enjoys serving the community volunteering his time with the city of Avondale.  He is also a musician, playing guitar and singing for yoga classes that his wife teaches.


Chris found yoga through his wife Suzanne, who is one of the amazing teachers at Ignite.  Yoga has become a source of serenity for him as well as a way to workout even with his service connected disability.  For many veterans, calmness and serenity in both the mind and body is hard to come by.  Yoga can be that outlet that many need, providing both mental and physical health.  It allows the practitioner to focus and clear the mind while strengthening the body.  


Serving on this foundation is a way for Chris to continue his service to the community, as well as military families in need.

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