Your journey will be someone's inspiration

We honor you and your family’s sacrifice and want to offer an opportunity to inspire others’ journeys. As an Ignite Hero Ambassador, you will receive a 6-month scholarship for unlimited classes at Ignite. You will have the opportunity to share your wellness experience to motivate others. Ignite believes that the more we share our stories, the stronger and braver we become. We offer this opportunity to military members, veterans, and their families.


We offer wellness programs for veterans, service members, and family members. We partner with USO and military administration.


We provide online wellness techniques and resources that are military friendly and easily accessible.


Healing for All

At Ignite Yoga we seek to offer wellness programs for all patients, patient families, and employees to bring a sense of well-being, peace, and balance. We provide customized approaches to our programs to ensure individuals are provided with the opportunity to grow and thrive.

We provide both certifications and classes for first responders to take to provide immediate relief.  These classes are focused on specific needs within trauma or stressful experience.

We understand as a patient or family member of a patient that there is a severe lack of programs to increase mental health, physical activity, and de-stress. We will create a community of strength and support.


Let Your Adventure Run Wild

Our award winning program focuses on the whole child: health, mindfulness, academia, and more. We extend these programs for children, parents, teachers, and first responders. We partner with USO and have been recognized by ADL.


Ignite integrates S.T.E.M., humanities, and the arts with mindfulness concepts to unleash the talents within children. Our programs strengthen individuality while maximizing their opportunity to learn and fuse gifts into the community.


Holistic real world experiences create ambitious learning environments which attribute to meeting the most comprehensive standards of AZ and CA school systems.  These environments inspire children to reach their potential while still developing their inner calm.