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Lisa Blue


Lisa has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years as an RN in acute care roles, in clinical leadership, and program development. She has also worked in a variety of public health-based initiatives as an expert adviser impacting policy change at the state level. She is currently involved in a collaboration to connect patients that have been affected by the pandemic to much needed resources. 


Lisa has practiced yoga for 10 years and deeply values the mind body connection that yoga provides to the regular practitioner as well as a novice. She understands the profound impact of yoga on healthcare workers and within the broader healthcare community. 


Lisa is the VP of Clinical Innovation at Providertech, a healthcare technology company. She earned her Diploma of Nursing from St Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Grand Canyon University, and her Master of Healthcare Innovation from Arizona State University, where she has been an instructor and remains a collaborator for graduate students.

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